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Rosy Revolver LTD

Tube Setting Kit for 4mm Stones


The optional Deluxe Kit that can be purchased for this project includes all necessary metals, including tubing that:

  • will fit within an opening at least 3.65mm wide
  • will set a 3mm stone

Alternatively, this listing is an option if you're using an object with a larger opening and would like to tube set a larger stone within that space.  The items within this kit work together to create a secure, attractive tube setting for a 4mm stone. 

Note that this kit is an elective addition and does not include any sheet, wire, or other materials.

Kit Includes:

  • (2) 4mm round machine-cut cubic zirconia (one extra)
  • 1" 4.57mm OD sterling silver heavy wall tubing
  • 4mm ball bur
  • 4mm setting bur
  • 1 piece Kate Wolf "Wicked Sticky" red positioning wax