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Rosy Revolver LTD

Swivel Pendant Deluxe Kit


Purchasing raw materials and small tools often requires having to buy at minimum order quantities.  This can lead to higher supply costs and a sometimes unnecessary surplus of acquired resources. 

The items in this kit, when ordered separately and without shipping costs, total approximately $140.  While supplies last, I'm offering pre-made kits that include only what you'll need for this project.  Save money and simplify the shopping process!


Please note that this kit does not include your coin, stone or found object. Nearly all of the coins in the Student Store will work with this kit, but check individual listing details to confirm.

This kit will accommodate round objects up to 28mm in diameter plus a 22g bezel.  If using an object that's larger, you will need to provide your own sheet metal.

This kit includes materials to create a tube setting for a 3mm stone.  This setting will fit coins (or other objects) with windows/holes that are at least 3.65mm wide.  Most of the coins in the Student Store fall within these parameters but please check individual coin listings to confirm.  

If your object has a window that is smaller or larger than the included tubing will attractively or logistically accommodate, you can provide your own tube or purchase a pre-made kit here in the Student Store.

    Kit Includes:

    • (4) 30mm x 30mm 22g sterling silver (backplate + 3 layers)
    • (1) 6" x 5mm sterling strip, 22g (bezel)
    • 6" - 12g sterling silver round wire (swivel frame)
    • 12" - 18g fine silver wire (pins)
    • 35mm - 3.66mm sterling silver seamless tubing (swivel frame ends)
    • 1" - 3.56mm sterling silver heavy wall tubing (tube setting)
    • (2) 3mm cubic zirconia stone (one extra)
    • (1) 6.2mm OD sterling silver closed round jump ring (bail option)
    • (1) Lynx ball bur, 2.9mm
    • (1) Lynx setting bur, 3mm
    • (1) Lynx inverted cone bur, .7mm
    • (1) High Speed Steel Twist Drill, #60 1.02mm 18g
    • (1) small jar yellow ochre
    • (1) small piece of Kate Wolf "Wicked Sticky" red positioning wax
    • 3 sheets assorted scale graph papers: 10, 12, and 14 sq/in.
    • BONUS: (1) 30 page lined notebook