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I am Rosy Revolver... a name born out of childhood memories and a humorous situation I found myself in over a decade ago.  In real life, I answer to "Jessica" and am at times quite the polar opposite of my edgier online self.

A wife, a mother, and a creatrix, I've always been drawn to the story and permanence of metal form.  With an education in design and a largely self-taught skill set in silver work, I aim to bring thoughtful concepts and meaningful iconography into all my pieces.
I'm a proud southerner, a saved soul, and a junkie for all things vintage.  I live in and create in Fuquay Varina, NC alongside my phenomenal human family, a dog, a cat, a rabbit, a few parakeets and a flock of spoiled chickens.
Welcome to my shop- I'm thrilled that you're here.
- Jessica