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Rosy Revolver LTD

Spirit Ring

Please note that this item is handbuilt to your order, and kindly allow up to six weeks before your custom piece is shipped out.

Something about breaking a cycle and leaving behind the old ways of surviving. Something about death and dying, even as new life enters at the other end of life's uncompromising arc. Something about hope amidst great sadness, and trying to reconcile the feelings of loving someone deeply despite not liking them very much at all.

Something in the state of grace that exists as we watch our parents age and our children grow. Something in the bird's eye view that calls forth the best of who we can be when looking into the mirror that is the eyes of those for whom we care most. Something in a memory that triggers a prayer, and something in a gut feeling that urges instinct, presses hard and insistent against our passions, drives us onward despite how perilous the path can be. Something in risk, in looking at it all and realizing the desire to do and become more.

Something spiritual.
But determined.
Because we have a choice in how we live our lives.

  • solid sterling construction
  • 100% built by hand
  • sized according to your order
  • hallmarked and dated
Please order your true ring size- you do not need to size up for this band.