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Rosy Revolver LTD

Rock Garden Necklace B


The stones chosen for this collection are a mix of rough and refined, a deliberate choice and celebration of the beauty within imperfection.  Coupled alongside quality craftsmanship and solid structural integrity, each piece serves as a reminder that aesthetic taste is a spectrum, and here the pendulum swings wildly side to side, colliding and coinciding with all that it means to be a messy, miraculous human.

A roughly finished, faceted corundum is studded with a small amount of muted sapphire.  Accented with a large mound of shining aquamarine, a watery blue gem scarred by a deep internal inclusion (pristine surface texture remains) as well as a pale gray sapphire that offers a quiet neutrality.  Suspended beneath a gravely silver chain and hand-built trillium hollow form.

  • Sapphire, Corundum, Aquamarine.
  • Sterling and fine silvers.
  • Hallmarked, dated.
  • 100% Built by Hand.

Product Details:

  • 21.25" L (May be made adjustable or altered for an additional fee)
  • 23" L x 1.25" W (Pendant)