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Rosy Revolver LTD

No Dream Killers - Necklace E



I wish for you the discovery of your inner dark horse.  May all the effort put forth pay off, may all the hustle and hard times pay dividends down the dirt road when your busy hands and racing heart come together at the finish line.  No doubt ever existed that you would arrive...  cheers to the journey and your choice of destination.
  • Recycled silver ingot- melted, rolled and stamped by hand.
  • Twisted paperclip chain.
  • Phantom Quartz briolette.
  • Hallmarked.
  • Just shy of 20" length.
  • Ingot measures 2 1/8" L

Please note that each of these necklaces is handmade and varies slightly due to the nature of the craft and materials.  The modeling image of the necklace being worn is for scale purposes only and may not reflect the exact necklace listed here.  All other images on this page portray the specific necklace you will receive.  Please contact me if you have any questions.