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Fortunes and Favors - 14k Gold Filled MADE TO ORDER


A free-falling cairn of pale yellow crescents swing melodically between pinned sterling wires.  Something here about blessings big and small, and how they add up.  About giving space and taking time, slowing down, centering.

  • feather light sheets of single clad 14k gold filled (see note below)
  • pierced, pinned, lightly patinated
  • Hallmarked, signed, dated
  • LARGE 3.75" L  x  1" W (pictured in silver version in model shot)
  • MEDIUM 3.25" L x .875" W (third photo, flanking large silver version)

NOTE: 14k gold filled sheet comes in single clad and double clad.  Both varieties contain the same amount of gold; however, double clad divides the gold between the two surfaces (front and back) of the base metal substrate.  Single clad means the full amount of gold is applied only to one side of the base metal, resulting in a thicker coating.  This also means that the back of the sheet remains raw base metal.  Please see the fourth photo for a look at the front and back of these earrings.  You'll notice the front is more yellow while the back appears more red, which is the brass alloy core.  

The thicker coating of gold on the front means it's extra durable and will tolerate polishing, moisture, and general wear and tear well. The front side of your earrings will not tarnish, and will remain a soft yellow hue for years to come.  The backs, however, will tarnish and patina with wear and time.  While the wires of these earrings are sterling silver, if you have sensitive ears please be advised that there is base metal which may rub against your skin as the earrings swing.

If you would like to have these earrings made in double clad gold filled, please contact me for a quote.


This is a made-to-order listing, which means your earrings will be built upon the placement of your order.  If you'd like your earrings guaranteed in time for Christmas, you must order no later than Sunday, 12/17.

Christmas delivery timeline is guaranteed only for domestic shipments within the continental US.  I'll ship USPS Priority Mail, insured with tracking.  I'm sorry I can't ship international in time for the holidays.

Earring orders that are placed after Sunday 12/17 will be built in the order in which they are received and will ship within two weeks of purchasing.  The significantly longer turnaround is in order for me to spend time with my family during the holidays.  Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.