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Rosy Revolver LTD

A Stone's Throw Necklace


In my work on the Growing Season necklace, I went for a lot of walks, usually along a creek bed nearby.  The chain that developed from those walks, inspired by winding wisteria vines and unseen ties back to childhood, didn't end up working for that design, but it did establish the beginning of this one.

The creek bed is one of my favorite places nearby.  The light on shallow water, smooth stones, broken surfaces, movement, sound.  It's light yet murky.  As so much of my work has lately, this pieces recollects some fond memories of youth- catching crayfish, trapping minnows, coming home filthy and sunburned and smiling.

To capture those juxtapositions, I've secured smooth river stones with fossilized coral alongside carved smokey quartz briolettes that fracture and fling the light.  The dark chain and pale stones create a contrast while the various finishes and textures offer something interesting to contemplate.  I hope they trigger a memory or a conversation.

We were kids once.  I try to hold onto that when the adult world is heavy.  There where the ghosts play in the creekbed and laughter echoes across the banks, a tradition of play just barely trickles on through the generations.  I choose to break the dam in my own stunted joy, to recall and reenact the simpler pleasures that are only a childhood and a stone's throw away.

  • Sterling & Fine Silvers
  • Carved Smokey Quartz
  • Fossilized Coral
  • Ocean Pumice
  • River Rocks
  • 25" in length and adjustable

This necklace will do best being hung up when not worn.  All jewelry is shipped with a care card.