• Image of Vesica Piscis Exterior Earrings
  • Image of Vesica Piscis Exterior Earrings
  • Image of Vesica Piscis Exterior Earrings
  • Image of Vesica Piscis Exterior Earrings
  • Image of Vesica Piscis Exterior Earrings

What is mine to carry? What is mine to control?
What isn't?

While teaching the Rebel Heartistry workshop in Texas this past April, I had the students contemplate the above questions. The exercise at hand was to create a Venn Diagram constructed of just two circles, interlocking, one of which was to house a list of all that they felt was in their control, and the second which was to name all that was not. The middle space, appropriately shaped like a leaf and to which I attribute a possible growth, was allocated for those areas of life over which the students felt they had influence- neither complete control nor lack thereof.

Examples of control included: personal actions and behaviors, choices, self care, and physical space.

Examples outside of control included: the opinions, beliefs, and actions of others, as well as the past.

Examples of influence included: finances, the future, children and grandchildren, as well as world issues, the environment, and genetics.

It was an exercise meant to bring some awareness of the load we bear as women and creatives. So often we try to do it all, be it all, manage it all, comprehend and conquer it all, all while looking outwardly whole and together. Again, I ask... what is ours to carry? What is ours to control? What isn't?

My sketches and notes since returning home have revolved around these ideas, the physical representation of the diagram, and the philosophy behind the exercise, which I'm reading about in a daily devotional entitled The Daily Stoic. Mixed in with this influence are the clean lines of moon glyphs and the beautiful shapes of circular mapping and sacred geometry- in particular, a chalice known as the Vesica Piscis which is formed in the intersecting space between two overlapping circles... Ah... serendipity.

Here we have a pair of earrings reminiscent of the two outer spaces in the Venn Diagram. One, all that we can conquer and one, all that we cannot. This is balance in the most metaphorical sense. Leafy shapes drip down like weeping tears, evidence of growing pains as we push forth into a deeper awareness of what will make us happy and what will bring us peace.

These silver structures, then, are manifestations of those mentioned inspirations, combined with the ongoing theme in my work of the infinite and unforgettable... I hope you find the results fresh yet familiar, and what is more, I hope you find them meaningful.

Solid Sterling Construction.
100% Built by Hand.
Dangle 3.25" in length.
2.5" wide.

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