• Image of Temple Ring- Sleeping Beauty Turquoise-- Size 7
  • Image of Temple Ring- Sleeping Beauty Turquoise-- Size 7
  • Image of Temple Ring- Sleeping Beauty Turquoise-- Size 7
  • Image of Temple Ring- Sleeping Beauty Turquoise-- Size 7

I was having a talk last week with a photographer and friend of mine. We talked about how awkward we can be in social settings, around people we don't know, even people that we do. For us extroverted introverts, it's easy to keep things animated and dynamic for a few hours, a few days. Then we need silence. We become inwardly focused again and more so than before, frozen on the exterior and there... but then no, not really there. She likened us to becoming "concrete" on those days. Just stillness. A recharge that can, at times, feel borderline to a PTSD of sorts as we work quietly to find once again the equilibrium of inner peace and outer interaction. Conversations, even simple ones feel raw and rimmed with effort. Personality, processing, mental capacity all get bottlenecked. This is often the artist.

She said, "I wish I was more sand."

Fluid. Able to fill the gaps, hold shapes and release them just as easily, move and flow with the tides. It was a beautiful notion, I thought. To want to be sand.

This series returns to an older part of me while holding on to this current space in my personal journey. Have you ever harmonized with your own echo?

We are temples, it's true, and I believe made in ways of both permanence and transience. Parts of me have shifted immeasurably, crumbled, settled with the foundation of my spiritual core upon a few key beliefs. Other parts stand rigid, and I don't know that there will ever be a flexibility in my stance on certain issues. Perhaps this is growth- learning to lean into ourselves even as we stand immobile. To voice our stories even through silence.... or through silver.

Small components based on the Infinity symbol are tucked amongst filigree fronds and hammered pallions of sterling silver. Here, all that is light and dark, all that is deep, dramatic and complicated coexists around the truest blue turquoise I have ever had the privilege of building around. Joy and despair. Recesses. Relief. These are rings built because of who I was and who I'm becoming, and for that reason-- they are not dated.

I hope you love them.
Thank you for being here.

* * * * *

Solid Sterling Construction.
Built by Hand.
Sterling and fine silvers.
Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.
Size 7

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