• Image of Rudiments Ring- Prehnite- Size 8
  • Image of Rudiments Ring- Prehnite- Size 8
  • Image of Rudiments Ring- Prehnite- Size 8
  • Image of Rudiments Ring- Prehnite- Size 8
  • Image of Rudiments Ring- Prehnite- Size 8

The process of lovely is such an unlovely one, sometimes. Like acne medicine that makes it worse before it makes things better; like anti-anxiety drugs that leave your chest heaving in the night for the first few weeks as everything learns to adjust, adapt, and align. Sometimes I want to forget the perfect stone wrapped in pretty silver.

I am finding a deeper passion for inclusions and unstructured cuts, freeform edges, thinner slices where more light transmits, lighter weights, rougher finishes, and... and my own "imperfections".

Every now and then, though not as often as it once did, the swift kick of vulnerability lands squarely behind my knees, and I find myself falling again among the "shoulds" that I cannot rise to meet.

So funny how we can appreciate the Flaws of a stone but struggle to find the value of them in ourselves. We look at rocks and say but oh, how that mark of demarkation sets it apart, makes it unique. That raw edge contrasting with a polished face shows the potential and the reality. Fissures catch the light, illuminating finery. We speak of the cracks within ourselves, however, with a catch in our voices.

As I face an upcoming Autumnal wedding I look hard in the mirror. I address the potential and the reality. I hold myself up to a proverbial light and investigate the shortcomings that might be charming, might be enough to break me if not addressed with care. As gold is refined by fire and stone by abrasion, I understand that change is worthwhile and often difficult... but in its entirety, it can also be unnecessary. It's a balance of the beloved blemishes and the call to action that is becoming our best selves.

I built these rings as green lights. Reminders that we can be open to being broken, scattered, or marred. These are rustic- seams, solder and file marks exposed- and the stones are beautiful in their fullness of light and character. Sturdy. Sincere. Unapologetically scarred.

There must be permission given to imperfection, even amongst great effort.

* * * * *

Solid Sterling Construction.
100% Built by Hand.
Measures a US ring size 8 on a skinny band.

Sold Out