• Image of Remnants Earrings- Silver Sparrows
  • Image of Remnants Earrings- Silver Sparrows
  • Image of Remnants Earrings- Silver Sparrows

These are a few of my favorite things....

I have spent the past week or two scrounging up the scraps and morsels leftover from 2015's studio endeavors. Odd rings, extra piercings, bails, embellishments. I thought that, as a way to summarize my year and bring all the elements of RR together, I'd build some lighthearted and playful jewelry collages. Enter the Remnants Collection. No solid plan or vision. No direction. Organically created step by step in a free-association of stone and silver.

What has amazed me the most in this last batch of Remnants is all that I've learned! Soldering joins in various orders other than that which I'm used to because of the strangeness of each design. Balance! It is hard to create asymmetrical earrings that somehow still look visually balanced and that physically hang evenly without rotating on earwires and casting outward an element that was supposed to hang central to the design. There were many solder-unsolder-resolder steps throughout this process. I am very happy with the fruits of the labor, with the culmination of the previous year's practice.

I hope you enjoy them.
Happy New Year, pistols.


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Solid Sterling Construction.
100% Built by Hand.
Dangle approximately 5" and 6" in length from sterling posts.
Each earring weighs .4 ounces, respectively.

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