• Image of Portrait of a Dreamer Saddle Ring- Size 7.5
  • Image of Portrait of a Dreamer Saddle Ring- Size 7.5
  • Image of Portrait of a Dreamer Saddle Ring- Size 7.5
  • Image of Portrait of a Dreamer Saddle Ring- Size 7.5
  • Image of Portrait of a Dreamer Saddle Ring- Size 7.5

Blog Entry:
31 December 2013

* * * * *

I said I would need this revolution around the sun to assign direction to my life, and he laughed at me in the early days of that trip and said I'd need far more than a year. Oh, sweet spirit, the things I've learned in the past four seasons. How do you explain the value of a year? How do you determine the age of a soul?

What is it about this final day? Where reminiscing meets wistfulness as ambition burns bright amidst the embers of last year's shortcomings, and wonder blows soft and low across the valley where we remember, again, our mortality. I felt the pressure this afternoon like pennyweights on my fingertips, layered and insistent, forcing my metacarpals to move across the keys of this board. Speak, they urge me as they multiply.

"Speak again."

It has been a year, like all years, strangely and wonderfully shaped of mountains and gullies. Wherein we could climb high and fall humbled, wherein we would spin round fast on sure feet, glancing upwards at our dreams, only to find we had lost ourselves in the sun.

And now as December lets us go, I remember the life of January. Here we are, pushing forth with bowed heads and trembling limbs, the bewildered blooms of winter. It is in the dawning of longer days and the falling of gray skies into darkness that we rise up into the cyclical and strangest of graces. This is resilience. May we fling our arms open wide and match breathpace to heartpace... turn around and step forward, casting aside all shadow of doubt, and find ourselves once more in the potential of tomorrow.

And so I wish you happy new year, and pray that you have burned fresh lessons down into the ashes of yesterday... that those ashes, fine and soft, will mix well with your tears and-or your sweat, to be spread like war paint across your strong and defiant brow. And I hope you have known laughter, gutting and draining laughter, to carry you through when the coming days forget to be kind, and that such laughter will ripple like cooling water down a dry throat should the burns of duress and fear leave you feeling made of dust.

I wish you the self-awareness we ALL need to be happy.
And, above the rest, I wish you peace.

Happy New Year, loves.

* * * * *

Solid Sterling Construction.
100% Built by Hand
Measures a US ring size 8 on a mandrel but, due to the wide nature of the band, fits best on a size 7.5 finger.

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