• Image of Lotus Bones- A Finger Festoon- I
  • Image of Lotus Bones- A Finger Festoon- I
  • Image of Lotus Bones- A Finger Festoon- I
  • Image of Lotus Bones- A Finger Festoon- I
  • Image of Lotus Bones- A Finger Festoon- I

We grew up in the shallows of life, childhoods spent swimming in the depths of murky water. A place where friendships, bloodlines and lifelines are so often fragile, where boundaries are too often crossed. We spent summers on the coast and along the lagoon, where sound travels over water and we heard too much. Some of us sat in offices and clinics, behind beds and behind curtains, at desks and on our heels... waiting. We swam with questions. With doubts. We swam with unnamed monsters and ghosts that would later call themselves Broken, Sadness, Shame, and Anger. Even then, we swam.

But the beautiful thing was that despite the muddiness of the water, it was there we learned to tread, learned to trust that our feet were beneath us despite the opacity of a surface that did not allow for visual reassurance. It was there that roots and toes took hold of an uncertain bottom and forced shoots, forced steps upward into a kinder biology, a chosen environment- an environment earned, not given- and it was there that we learned to breathe deeply in darkness, training ourselves to find the light. It was the water that raised us and which, like our own stained glass windows, would allow the sun to penetrate even when, because of our places on our knees or our underdeveloped vision, we couldn't see the world beyond the pane/pain.

We learn that rest brings clarity to the stirred up sediments of our souls.
We learn that the deepest of mire can bring forth beauty.
We learn that nothing remains forever unsoiled, and nothing is soiled forever if we continue to grow.
We learn to defy drowning and, if not to fully thrive in the chaos of darkness, to at least survive the days that feel like night.

Even now, we swim.

These rings are built of layer upon layer upon layer of substantial sterling sheet. Textured surfaces, dots of light amongst areas of dark, and a beautiful specimen of LeLand Blue cut by Gary Wilson all come together to create a completely one of a kind design. Meant to be at once a statement of fragility and force, I hope this piece reminds you of how far you've come.

How blessed were we to be baptized by muddy water, to be washed clean of weakness because strength wasn't easily attained.

* * * * *

Sterling Silver.
Heart crafted.

Measures a US ring size 10

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