• Image of Ethos Lariat
  • Image of Ethos Lariat
  • Image of Ethos Lariat
  • Image of Ethos Lariat
  • Image of Ethos Lariat

Built during the two weeks I made a manifesto of sorts. I've been reflecting in my recent work on the notions of death, transcendence, and all that it means to be fiercely and (at times) frustratingly human. As that picture has evolved, I find myself asking, "How can I make my losses matter?" In other words, how can I use the pain, the frustration, the circumstances of my own environment to improve my life, my art, and myself. While at the bench and in my journal, I began outlining some newer designs to put out into the world... and plans to put into action.

It's a lofty manifesto, and perhaps a bit dramatic. But it's sincere. It's mine. And it says more about my creations at this moment than I could explain via technical skill and cold specs.

I hope you enjoy my art. Thank you for being here, and for giving it a home.


* * * * *

Heart made.
Sterling and fine silvers.
Rutilated Amethyst.
Measures 21" in length.
Central "Y" measures an additional 6.5" long.

Please feel free to email me should you have any questions.

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