• Image of Shattered Series || Ring J || Size 10
  • Image of Shattered Series || Ring J || Size 10
  • Image of Shattered Series || Ring J || Size 10
  • Image of Shattered Series || Ring J || Size 10
  • Image of Shattered Series || Ring J || Size 10

I suppose it comes down to this: In all my searching for the right words to describe my feelings on this series, it boils down to: What is it I want to tell you?

I want to assure you that the source of your light doesn't come from the external.

To cement for you the value of your visions, your ideas, your creations.

I want to reaffirm the sacred calling that tugs at you in the dark, to compel you to move towards that pull and not fight it because the stories you tell yourself are terrifying and the voices of others are loud.

I want to encourage you to allow the sharpness of self-doubt and defeat to soften and aerate you, to allow the perforations in your sense of self and worthiness to be the portals from which you source a deeper compassion for others, to pour into the lives extending beyond your own.

I want to show you that your broken pieces can be a beautiful lacework of human nature, nurture, victories, failures and nonchalance. Your past and present can align in a purposeful pathway that, should you choose so, can be used to further your grand design, not defeat your destiny.

I want to praise you for accepting all the components that make up the totality of your essence, good and bad, inflicted or invited.

I choose to wear my thousand hats, walk my given path, play my dealt hand as if it were the best gift I've been given- the truth of that lies only in my choice of perception, and not in the hands or opinions of others.

I am an artist and a mother, not one iota less the latter because of the former, and likewise the reverse. I am an incomprehensible phenomenon built of sentimental softness and physical curvatures, though my life has been shaped by a patchwork of linear, often unpretty cause-and-effect. Despite the lies we learn to tell ourselves, there are glass ceilings to shatter, soprano voices to raise, and we must crack the crystal denoting an antiquated notion of who we are as women. As mothers. As artists. As good enough. As worthy. As humans.

Please value your fractal pieces. Everyday the earth manifests beauty from imperfection, intense pressure, historical disaster, atmospheric pollution and the least appealing of remnants. As can you. As can I.

Muse, make it so.

* * * * *

A patchwork of silver daggers shift together in a stronghold of dynamic movement, layered handwork, and broken light. Despite the sharpness of the design, all corners have been carefully worked to a smooth finish, the points soldered with careful deliberation, the edges softened so that each ring may be worn with comfort, without fear of snagging or pricking. Hallmarked on the undersides and finished with a band made of a sturdy triangular stock that works cohesively with the stylistic/conceptual setting, each ring is sturdy, hefty and unique.

Sterling & Fine Silvers.
Natural Turquoise (Turquoise Mountain)
100% Built by Hand.
Measures a US Ring Size 10

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