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Infinite Collection

Infinite Collection

Distinctively designed, the Infinite Collection is a liberated translation of the infinity symbol.  Handmade frames, links and charms in satin-finished sterling silver cascade in delicate array, reflecting the influence of assorted cultures and invoking the sentiment of generations gone by.  



Aeonian Drops Aeonian Drops

Aeonian Drops

Amaranthine Hoops Amaranthine Hoops

Amaranthine Hoops

Anthologize Drops Anthologize Drops

Anthologize Drops

Armerie Ring A - Size 6.5 Armerie Ring A - Size 6.5 Out of stock

Armerie Ring A - Size 6.5

Collocate Drops Collocate Drops

Collocate Drops

Enduring Earrings Enduring Earrings Out of stock

Enduring Earrings

Entresol Chandeliers Entresol Chandeliers

Entresol Chandeliers

Perpetua Dangles Perpetua Dangles

Perpetua Dangles

Ubiquity Lariat Ubiquity Lariat

Ubiquity Lariat

Untold Dangles Untold Dangles

Untold Dangles


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