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Rosy Revolver LTD

FINAL SALE: Urban Rock Garden - Size 6.5

$452.00 $250.00

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A hollow form trillium inspired by Virginia Creeper vines.  Textured with the memory of steel warehouses and dotted with precious stones.

  • Sapphires.
  • Size 6.5
  • Hallmarked, dated.
  • 100% Built by Hand.

This body of work encompasses designs inspired by time passing in my hometown.  With the rise of progress, I find myself haunting the old structures of warehouses, tobacco barns, smokehouses, overgrown and dilapidated lots.  This is about the tension and beauty that can exist inside growth- the juxtaposition of what was and the promise of all that's coming.

Here you'll find a variety of gem colors, opacities, textures, finishes, and grades.  The gritty, rough and included deliberately coexist with the refined and symmetrical.  Light and shadow play a large part, as do surface treatments, unexpected orientations, and defined silhouettes.

 Welcome to my town.