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Rosy Revolver LTD

Growing Season Necklace


Growing season always makes me nostalgic.  The weather warms and the memories thaw out again and here I am riding windchime melodies back to the Blue Ridge of my childhood.

We grew up on beefsteak tomatoes fresh off the vine, dusted in fertile Virginia soil, eaten like apples from dirty hands.  We watched the summer unfurl with the roses and the yellow squash blossoms.  This was the ground that grew us.  When the evenings were long and the corn grew tall.  And the beans were broken long before we were.

Decades, daughters, and a son later, I stand in the tender grass of April.  Roots again take hold as life pushes onward, bringing new seasons, new forms.  I press a farm-stand strawberry to my lips, missing the taste of her homemade preserves, and understand something about how, more so than the gifts and lessons that have come with my harvest years, it is the spring that reminds me of who I am.

  • Sterling & Fine Silvers
  • Rutilated, Tourmalinated, and Phantom Quartz
  • Formed, Fused, soldered, pinned.
  • 19.5" length.

This necklace will do best being hung up when not worn.  All jewelry is shipped with a care card.