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Raw Materials: The Embellished Bezel Online Course
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Raw Materials: The Embellished Bezel Online Course

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Below you will find the necessary raw materials for creating a ring like I do in the video demonstrations.

This list is for enough materials to make one ring and may not meet minimum purchase requirements.

The Short List:

  • 3"- Sterling Silver Low Dome Wire #3
  • 3"- 3/8" Sterling Silver Strip (Dead Soft, 24g)
  • 3" x 12mm"- 26g fine silver sheet
  • 1 pkg - Sterling Filigree Components (Rio 687630 or comparable)
  • 1.25" x 1.25" 20g Sterling Silver Sheet (Dead Soft)
  • GEMSTONE (Please see the bottom of this article for size recommendations)


Need to shop?  Use the links below: 

Sterling Silver #3 Low-Dome Wire, Dead Soft

3" will be more than enough for almost any size ring blank... ordering 12" will likely allow you to make up to 4 (possibly 5) rings.

Sterling Silver 3/8" Strip, 24-Ga., Dead-Soft

12" will likely be enough for 4 or 5 bezels, depending on your size stone.  If Rio is sold out, you can cut 3" x 3/8" of 24g sterling silver sheet.

.999 Fine Silver 6" Sheet, 26-Ga., 1/4-Hard, Brushed Finish

Currently, this seems to be the only fine silver sheet that Rio has on hand. I recommend ordering 6" x 1" as this will likely yield you 4 or 5 inner bezels.

Silver Sheet Solder, Hard

The solder I use for closing bezels and sweat soldering the inner bezel to the outer bezel.

Silver Sheet Solder, Medium

Solder for embellishing and adding the ring band.

Sterling Silver Filigree Petals Round Component

EDIT: IF THESE COMPONENTS ARE SOLD OUT, YOU CAN USE ITEM 614176, AS IT IS THE CLOSEST IN SCALE TO THIS DESIGN. ) These components come in packs of two and we cut each component in to halves. One pack will make a bezel with four filigree embellishments OR two bezels each with two filigree embellishments. NOTE: If you opt to use a different style of filigree, please note the measurements of your substitute component. Components that are larger than this one may not fit on the outer bezel wall and may require a taller bezel!

Copper 6" x 12" Sheet, 22-Ga., Dead-Soft

If you do not wish to have copper in your work, you can substitute sterling silver instead. Copper from Rio Grande is sold by the full sheet, but if ordering silver, 6" x 1" will be plenty for several settings. NOTE: I used 24g copper in the video demonstrations. As of the creating of this Kit, Rio is sold out of 24g. 22g is the recommended substitute.

Sterling Silver 6" Sheet, 20-Ga., Dead-Soft, Brushed Finish

Rio requires a minimum order of 6" in length for this material. 6" x 1.25" will be enough for at least four backplates. 22g sterling silver sheet (Item 100122) will also work.

Sterling Silver Round Filigree Component

If Rio item 687630 is sold out, this is an alternative that would work just fine. It is about one millimeter smaller, but all the steps and measurements in the project will still apply. Sold in packages of four, so a bit more distance for your dollar.

(ETSY SOURCE) Sterling Silver Filigree Link Component DYI Custom Pack of | Etsy

Same alternative component I listed from Rio. This Etsy shop has the same filigree in stock (packs of 4); however, just be aware that the price is double what Rio charges.

Sterling Silver Filigree Link Component

Once cut in half (I'd recommend horizontally when oriented as in this photo) this component would work. Sold in pack of four, which is nice.


The following are guidelines but not absolutes.  I recommend using a round or oval gemstone for this project, at least for your first attempt.  These shapes (and the recommended sizes) correspond with commercial mandrels, which will make forming bezels easier as you get used to working with thicker material.  
  • If using a forming mandrel, round or oval (see tool list for recommendations), choose a stone that is at least slightly smaller than the base of your mandrel.  This way your bezel won't be too big for the mandrel to be helpful. 
  • If you're not using a forming mandrel, stone length and width are completely up to you.  (Probably not more than 23mm round or you may need more bezel material.)
  • To safely work within the scope of our bezel material, faceted stones should not be taller than 11mm.
  • Flat back stones will work just fine for this project.  Do not feel you must purchase a fancy cut gemstone.
  • A PRIVATE LINK TO PURCHASE GEMSTONES FROM ME WILL BE PROVIDED  TO STUDENTS WITHIN THE COURSE CONTENTS UPON PURCHASE OF THE COURSE.  This is to ensure students get first choice to stones suited for this project.  Students are NOT required to purchase stones.

Questions?  Shoot me a message.