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Recommended Tools: The Embellished Bezel Online Course

Recommended Tools: The Embellished Bezel Online Course


Note that some of the items below are redundant. This is to a) give you multipled sources in case one vendor is sold out of a particular tool, and b) to provide you with quality comparisons so that you can make the best choice for you regarding what to purchase based on price, shipping costs, any pro account benefits you may have, etc. Please use the links to compare products and make purchases as you see fit.

"Rosy Revolver" Flat Back, Open Ring, Forming Mandrel

The best mandrel for creating open shank bands! Flat side allows for creating rings that support large settings and focal stones.

NANO Jeweler's Saw Blades (144 blades)

These blades are amazing and a fantastic alternative to Rio's laser gold blades. The 8/0 size will make piercing the 26g fine silver sheet a breeze.

Flat and Half-Round Forming Pliers

Awesome, inexpensive pliers for shaping and forming.

German Adjustable Jeweler's 4" Saw Frame

Classic German frame with a 4" throat will work for piercing a setting and cutting strips of metal.

Laser Gold™ Saw Blades, Pkg/12

If you're already ordering from Rio, I recommend the 2/0 for cutting your low dome wire and 20g back plate, and the 7/0 for your sterling or copper strip. If you're not ordering from Rio but will be placing an order with Pepe... see the link to their Nano blades further down in this kit.

Lindstrom HS6001 Cutter Shears

Great shears if you don't want to have to saw your 26g fine silver sheet into strip for your inner bezel. Also handy for cutting solder chips if you don't have a gross pair of old scissors dedicated for the job like I do.

Steel Electronic Digital Caliper, 4"

Digital calipers make marking measurements a breeze, but a ruler marked with millimeters will work as well.

Double-Ended Etching Scribe

Scribes are more accurate for marking measurements than sharpies... I prefer this one for double the fun.

Swanstrom Heavy-Duty Flush Cutters

These heavy, high quality flush cutters will cut through silver up to 10g, making heavy bezel trimming a breeze. EDIT: Note that these are not mandatory! A saw will work just fine!

Lindstrom 8162 Ultra-Flush Cutters

These delicate, precise cutters work well for creating the cutouts in our fine silver bezel.

Economy Miter-Cutting Vise and Jig

Basic miter jig for perfecting the ends of your bezel prior to soldering. One of my absolute favorite studio tools.

Glardon Vallorbe Precision Flat Hand File, Swiss Cut #2

Basic flat file to use with your miter jig. You could also use the flat side of a barrette or half round file. I don't recommend a high end brand for this utility as the miter jig will dull your file.

Friedrich Dick Barrette Needle Files

Barrette files like this one are fantastic for cleaning up the notches you may opt to create in your inner bezel's upper edge.

Premium Steel Bench Block, 100 x 100 x 20mm

Wrapping bezels and flattening balls... this is the perfect surface to do both.

StudioFLUX™ Bench Pin

My favorite style of bench pin... though I'd scrap the clamp and recommend using the screw holes to mount it securely to your bench instead.

Slotted Mandrel for Emery Paper

Love these mandrels for securing strips of emery cloth and cleaning up the inside of bezels and ring bands.

3M Utility Emery Cloth Sheet, Fine

Use flat to sand the bottom edge of bezels and other objects, or cut strips and place in your split mandrel to refine the insides of ring bands, etc.

Diamond Bur Variety Set, 1–5mm, 120-Grit

I use this set of burs to do everything from adding texture to metal to reaming out bezels to grinding down the edges of stones. Inexpensive set that's super helpful to have on hand.

Mercer Industries 216240 Grit 240 9" x 11" Multi-Purpose Emery Cloth Sheets (50-Pack)

My go-to Emery Cloth, both brand and grit. This is the grit I use most for cleaning up the undersides of bezels and in my split mandrel to do my initial refining and cleaning of work. Best value I've found by far at roughly $.50 per sheet. Downside is this is not a variety pack like what Rio sells. Upside is it lasts forever and costs far less if this is a grit you use often.

Bezel Roller and Prong Pusher Set

I hate to encourage you to purchase the set when the rocker is the only tool here I'm concerned with... but this particular one is a great size that, in my opinion, works much better than the bulky versions that seem so prevalent.

Small Nylon Mallet

The flat face and wedge side of this nylon mallet, made by hand here in my home state of NC, is my favorite for forming soft metals. Much more versatile than rawhide, I use this hammer in this course for rounding out my ring band.

Nano Nylon Mallet

I love this micro hammer. Super versatile, it works wonders for hammering bezels closed around stones without marring the metal or losing your matte finish.

Sterno Professional Culinary Torch, One Size, Black

This detachable torch head (or a comparable brand of the same style) with a disposable butane canister is all the fire power you'll need for this project.

FunOwlet Butane Torch Kitchen Blow Lighter - Culinary Torches Chef Cooking Professional Adjustable Flame with Reverse Use for Creme, Brulee

As an alternative to the Sterno brand torch head, this one works well. It seems to emit a bit more heat but be aware that you will likely burn through butane more quickly.

Sterno 50162 50130 8-Ounce Butane Fuel Cartridges, 12-Pack

While you don't need to use the Sterno brand butane, you do need this type of canister to attach to your torch head. Note that this isn't a refillable can, and the collar design at the top is what attaches securely to a detachable torch head. This listing is for twelve cans, which might be excessive, but it's a far better price per can than ordering one or four.

Allway Tools Allway Tool #SMB MP Stainless Steel Mini Wire Brush - 25 Pack

My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE! Love the fact that the plastic handle never gets soggy or breaks down, loosens and loses bristles. Also love the double tuft of bristles on the top part of the brush head- these make accessing the insides of ring bands and bezels a breeze. Highly recommend for cleaning, burnishing, and prepping work for patina.

EURO TOOL Premium Soldering Pick w/Shield - SPK-777.00

My favorite pick. The shield works really well to protect your hand against heat, and it comes with a replacement tip. Tungsten steel will not anneal and bend during use.

Joyce Chen 51-0621, Unlimited Scissors, 6.25-Inch, Blue

Awesome shears for trimming fine gauge metals and solder chips. A quality, less costly alternative to the Swanstrom shears from Rio.

12" Rotating Soldering Pan W/3rd Hand | SOL-530.00

I don't really use the included third hand in this setup; however, the 12" pan is a wonderful tool for soldering, and you can't argue with prime shipping.

8" Stainless Steel Long Nose Narrow Straight Fine Point Tip Utility Jewelry Making and Repair Tool Tweezers

Extra long tweezers are my favorite tweezers, especially when working over hot materials for extended periods of time. These are inexpensive enough to keep a few pairs on hand.

Long-Life Hard Charcoal Soldering Block, 5-1/2"

My preferred charcoal block for making balls and soldering small objects.

Heavy Gauge 6 x6 Mesh Replacement Screen - SFC Tools - 14-320

I do most of my soldering on this screen... FYI: to clean, soak in warm soapy water, scrub off flux and pumice residue, rinse thoroughly and dry well.

Fretz 3.1oz Planishing Hammer

Highly polished face makes hammering delicate filigree and silver balls much easier and with less subsequent sanding.

Oval Large Bezel Mandrel-8mm X 12mm to 26mm x 34mm Made in Italy

One option for a forming mandrel if you're wanting to fashion bezels for large oval stones.

Oval Bezel Mandrel-4mm X 6.5mm to 15mm x 20mm Made in Italy

Another option for an oval mandrel if you're only looking to bezel stones up to 15mm x 20mm.

OVAL Ring Mandrel Steel shaping forming Hammering Jewellery | Etsy

Additional source for oval forming mandrel.

Smart Flux - Firecoat Protection, Fluoride Free "Prips Flux" – Pepetools

Great flux from Pepe! This is an excellent replacement for Prips!

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