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Recommended Tools for Matryoshka Pendant Online Course

Recommended Tools for Matryoshka Pendant Online Course


Note that some of the items below are redundant. This is to:

  • give you multiple sources in case one vendor is sold out of a particular tool
  • provide you with quality comparisons so that you can make the best choice for you regarding what to purchase based on price, shipping costs, any pro account benefits you may have, etc.

Please use the links to compare products and make purchases as you see fit.

 Amazon Affiliate Program Disclosure: You may find links throughout this website that are affiliate links for products that I feel are beneficial and/or interesting. As an Amazon Associate, I earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no additional cost to you. 

3/0 NANO Jeweler's Saw Blades (144 blades)

Use this size blade to cut your 22g sheet metal.

Size 2 NANO Jeweler's Saw Blades (144 blades)

Use this size blade to cut doubled up (glued together) sheets of 22g sheet.

German Adjustable Jeweler's 4" Saw Frame

Basic frame. This is the one I've used for fifteen years.

studioFLUX™ Bench Pin | Thomas Mann Design

The bench pin I use and love. Screw holes for mounting directly to a workbench.

Studioflux Jewelry Making Sawing Wooden Bench Pin

The Eurotool version of Thomas Mann's bench pin. I'd forego the clamp in favor of using the holes provided for screwing this pin to your bench.

Steel Miter-Cutting Vise and Jig 45 60 90 Degree Angles

Not the cheapest one, not the most expensive. I have a few of these and they work well. Prime shipping too!

Glardon Vallorbe Precision Barrette Hand File, Swiss Cut #2

Great al purpose hand file or flat surfaces and tight areas.

Glardon Vallorbe Half-Round Hand File, Swiss Cut #4

Use to file the inner curves of your hollowform faces.

Friedrich Dick Needle File Set, Cut #2, Set of 6

Awesome set of files for edging details and notching patterns.

JSP 6 #2 Needle Files

Bargain files if you don't want to invest in the FD set for creating edge details and patterns.

Micro-Shaper Round Diamond File Set, 240 Mesh, Set of 4

I use these to create grooves for soldering jumprings and also for reaming out drill holes when necessary.

Half Round/Flat Nose Parallel Action Pliers

My new favorite half-round flat pliers. Spring action is a nice feature and they fit will in larger hands.

Wubbers Baby Wubbers Flat Nose Jeweler's Pliers

Basic flat nose pliers aren't too wide or bulky, and I find the handles extremely comfortable.

Wubbers Baby Quality Fine Round Nose Jeweller's Pliers

Dainty round nose pliers fit well into tight spaces when looping bail wires and have a comfortable, cushioned grip.

Hoop Mandrel, 12 Inches

This is the hoop mandrel I have. Great for rounding out the 22g walls.

Steel Hoop Mandrel with Detachable Tang

Bonus: Tang for securing in a bench vise.

Giant Mandrel Size 16-20 US

If you can't find a hoop mandrel, this is a great alternative for extra large rings and hoop earrings from Pepe tools.

Extra Large Mandrel Size 20 - 26 US

Another mandrel for creating larger circles and hoops... this one may be too big for the templates provided in this course but is another tool for perfecting larger circles.

Pepe Tools Bench Blocks

Great bench blocks hold up to heavy tool use without denting or marring.

GrobetCheckering File 6 20 lines per inch

Very coarse file for edging details and surface textures.

Grobet USA Checkering File 30 lines per inch

Coarse file for edging details and surface textures.

Grobet USA Checkering File 40 Lines per inch

Medium file for creating surface textures and edging patterns.

Grobet USA Checkering File 50 lines per inch

Fine file with many lines per inch- for more delicate edging details and more subtle surface lines.

Grobet USA Checkering File 75 lines per inch

Fine checkering file for delicate edgings and surface textures.

Micro Nylon Mallet

This is the mallet I use to hammer out my hollowform walls against the hoop mandrel.

Dentsply Maillefer Inverted Cone Bur, 0.7mm

Use this (or a similar size) to create pilot divots prior to drilling holes in your hollowforms.

High-Speed Steel Twist Drill, #63, 0.94mm

The drill size needed to interlock your hollowforms.

High-Speed Steel Twist Drill, #51, 1.7mm

I recommend using this drill bit to follow up the #63 when creating holes for gases to escape the hollowforms.

Sanding Stick Flat File with 4pcs Replaceable Abrasive

Comes with 240 grit paper and takes cut strips of any grit emery cloth.

Mercer Industrie 9 x 11 Emery Cloth Sheets, Grit 240 (50 pack)

This is the emery cloth I use in the course. 50 sheets will last you forever. Use it flat or cut it into strips for use in a split mandrel or sanding stick.

Staedtler Combo Circle Template 977 110

My favorite circle template. Has all four compass directions marked on each circle.

Elmer's No-Wrinkle Rubber Cement, Acid-Free, 4 Oz Bottle, Pack of 2

Great for gluing sheets of metal together and also for affixing templates to metal sheet.

NEIKO Digital Caliper | 0 - 6 Inches

Reliable, basic digital calipers.

Sharpie Pen Fine Point Pen, 4 Black Pens (1742661)

A bit finer than a fine sharpie, I've started using these often for making notes in my sketchbook as well as marking my metal.

Steel Double Ended Twist Scribe

Great scribe with super fine points and a fun design.

Foredom K.1070 High Speed Rotary Micromotor Kit

You'll need to be able to bur a pilot divot and drill holes in your metal. The ability to control the rpms means both motor life and bit/bur life are increased.

Grobet USA G34.300 Flex Shaft Kit

Good quality flex shaft at an economical price. Use for drilling holes and creating pilot divots.