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Raw Materials for Matryoshka: Nesting Hollowforms

Raw Materials for Matryoshka: Nesting Hollowforms


Here's you'll find the basic materials needed to complete the project as I do in this online course. Because the focus of this course is more on building forms and less about adding detail, keep in mind you can use additional/other materials (for embellishing, stringing, etc.)  You may also substitute base metal for the silver. 


Sterling Silver 6" Sheet, 22-Ga., Dead-Soft, Brushed Finish

6" x 1.25" is enough to create a three-tiered hollowform as I do in this course. Substitute brass or copper if you prefer.

Sterling Silver Round Wire, 18-Ga., Dead-Soft

6" is a safe bet for interlocking one tiered pendant.

Sterling Silver 1.45mm Seamless Tubing, Hard, 12" Length

One length of this tubing will get you through maaaaaany projects.

Sterling Silver 2mm Tube Crimp Bead

OPTIONAL: May be used in place of tubing.

Sterling Silver 3.6mm Round Closed Ring

Optional jumprings to use as a bail for your pendant. This is the size I use in the course.

Silver Sheet Solder, Hard

You'll need hard solder to construct your hollowforms.

Silver Sheet Solder, 30-Ga., Easy

I recommend easy solder for attaching and/or closing your bail, and also if adding embellishments to your hollowforms.