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Raw Materials for Cut & Paste Challenge Course

Raw Materials for Cut & Paste Challenge Course


Interested in or the Cut & Paste Challenge online course? Here are the raw materials you'll need to complete the project as I do.

(NOTE: You'll need to supply your stone- I recommend approximately 15mm x 15mm to 15mm x 20mm)

Sterling Silver 6" Sheet, 22-Ga., Dead Soft

This metal will serve as the backplate for our embellished setting. I recommend using a 2" x 2" square. Note: You can use 20g if you'd prefer. Note: 2" x 2" is what I use in the video; however, if you'd like to make a larger or smaller design, feel free to play around with this measurement and adjust it accordingly.

Sterling Silver 6" Sheet, 24-Ga., Dead Soft

This metal will serve as the pierced embellishments we'll create to adorn our setting. Because Rio only sells silver sheet with one side of 6", I recommend purchasing 6" x 1.5" of this material. You can then saw it down into three pieces of 2" x 1.5" each, which you will need for this project to complete it as I do in the videos. Note: You can use 22g if you'd prefer.

Sterling Silver #3 Low-Dome Wire, Dead Soft

Low Dome wire is incredibly comfortable, and the #3 is rather wide, making it a good fit for large-faced rings. If you'd prefer a narrower band, I recommend #4, as I use it often and find it equally comfortable to wear. You will need approximately 3" which, for an open shank style, will likely leave you with some to spare.

.999 Fine Silver 3/16" Bezel Strip, 26-Ga., Dead Soft

This is the bezel wire I use in the video and that I use nearly all the time. Without knowing what stone you'll be using, I can't tell you what height of bezel wire to purchase. I will say, however, that because we are adding many layers of embellishment, a taller bezel is better. I'd use the 3/16" up to the 1/4" and just build your stone up inside the bezel if necessary... more on that in the course. If 26g feels or seems thicker than you're comfortable with handling, drop down to a 28g, which will be easier to push over the stone. While you only need a couple inches if using approximately a 15mm x 15mm stone, I'd go ahead and order at least a foot so you have some extra for practice and play.

Silver Sheet Solder, Hard

The only thing I use hard solder for in this course is to close up my bezel, so the minimum order Rio permits of 2"x1" will be plenty!

Silver Sheet Solder, Medium

We'll be using a lot of this in this course, so I recommend purchasing 2'x2" or 2"x3" so that you have plenty available for practice and play!