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Raw Materials: Anticlastic Ring Online Course

Raw Materials: Anticlastic Ring Online Course


A quick note on stones:

Stones are not provided for this course; however, I do have some recommendations if you're looking to acquire what is, in my opinion, an ideal variety for learning.

  • Round and oval silhouettes will be the simplest place to start.
  • Hard stones are a safer bet if you're new to setting with sterling silver as opposed to fine silver- look for something in the quartz or agate families, tourmaline, or corundumGary Wilson is a great resource for many of these varieties.  If you're comfortable with softer stones, turquoise is a lovely choice and Josh sells some of my favorites.
  • Ideally, the edges of the stone should be around 3mm thick or more, making these stones thick, substantial, and stable.
  • Size is up to you; I recommend stones no larger than 18mm long and 15mm wide and no smaller than 8mm in either direction, unless you enjoy heavy squinting and the exercise benefits of crawling around your studio floor.  (Hey, some of us don't mind it.)
  • Flat backs are covered in this project- tops can be smooth or faceted.
  • Don't want a stone?  We will discuss other options in the course.

Other Essentials:

    Sterling Silver 6" Sheet, 18-Ga., Dead-Soft, Brushed Finish

    Rio Grande requires that one dimension be 6 inches. With this in mind, ordering a piece that's 6 inches x 2.25 inches will enough to make two rings with enough scrap left over to create embellishments.

    Sterling Silver 6" Sheet, 26-Ga., Dead-Soft, Brushed Finish

    Rio's minimum order of 6 inches in one dimension means that ordering just 6" x 1" of this material will be enough to make approximately 4-6 bezels, depending on the size and height of your stone.

    Silver Sheet Solder, Hard

    2" x 1" is plenty for this project.

    Silver Sheet Solder, Medium

    2" x 1" is plenty for this project.